Located within the grounds of the CID CSIC in Barcelona
(41° 23’14.28″N, 2°6’56.34″E, 77 meters amsl).

Previously, this site was installed at a nearby location, but was moved to its current location in January 2011, where it will remain.


Research carried out at this site is included in the Air Quality and Exposure assessment research lines.

This research aims to:

  • Interpret the variability of levels, composition and physical properties of atmospheric aerosols at an urban location in the Western Mediterranean

  • Identify the source origin and atmospheric processes controlling aerosol levels and characteristics

  • To quantify the origin of PM components with special interest in organic aerosols and the urban contribution to mineral matter.

  • To support air quality action plans.

  • To provide a long-term time series of regulated and novel metrics as a relevant input to epidemiological and health impact assessment (HIA) studies performed within this research team and in collaboration with internationally recognised research centres.

  • To investigate the linkages between PM sources and health outcomes


PMx levels and PM speciation measurements obtained in the framework of the national research projects are available since 2002

Parameter Instrument Time resolution Starting year
Ground measurements
PMx Levels Optical counters GRIMM 180 30′ 2002
N # cm-3 CPC 3787 TSI WCPC 5′ 2010
Size resolved N SMPS 3936L72-N TSI 5′ 2004
Absorption coefficient MAAP Caruso Thermo 1′ 2010
Absorption coefficient AE33 Magee Aerosol doo 1′ 2016
Scattering coefficient Nephelometer Aurora 3000 1′ 2014
PM1 SO42- ACSM -Aerodyne 30′ 2011
PM1 NO3- ACSM -Aerodyne 30′ 2011
PM1 NH4+ ACSM -Aerodyne 30′ 2011
PM1 Cl- ACSM -Aerodyne 30′ 2011
PM1 Organics ACSM -Aerodyne 30′ 2011
Gaseous compounds
NOx Model 42i-TL Chemiluminiscence 2009
CO Teledyne 300 EU Gas filter correlation 2009
SO2 Teledyne 100 EU UV fluorescence 2009
O3 MCV 48AV UV photometry 2009
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