• What languages are used at the centre?
    Given that it is an international research institute, English is the common language in the scientific part (seminars, talks, conferences, research, etc). However, Spanish and Catalan are widely spoken.
  • What is the internal training offer (courses, workshops) for pre and postdoctoral students?
    We are committed to promote and encourage the training skills of our researchers. Several internal courses are offered during the year. We also offer workshops conducted by external partners in transversal topics related to research, i.e. oral communication skills, etc.
    Weekly internal seminars are organized in order to be updated about the scientific production at IDAEA, to promote collaborations among different research groups and boost the transfer of knowledge and the sense of community.
  • Where can I see the open positions?
    If interested in becoming part of IDAEA’s team, you can take a look to our vacancies.

  • Is it possible to apply even if I have not finished the minimum academic qualification required?
    Yes, unless the job description indicates otherwise.
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