The Institute of Environmental Research and Water Assessment (IDAEA-CSIC) is a reference centre in the international research of environmental issues related to human activitiesEstablished with a strong record of publications in top scientific journals, IDAEA also leads and coordinates international projects. It is an active member of international committees and adopts a high-profile contribution to the identification and remediation of environmental problems. 

What do we offer?

  • Cutting-edge technical equipment
    IDÆA is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for physico-chemical characterization and toxicological assessment of environmental and biological samples. IDÆA’s laboratories provide a reference standard in Europe for chemical, toxicological and mineralogical analyses.Equipment includes mass spectrometers coupled with different chromatographic systems for the determination of organic compounds. These techniques, together with chemometric methodologies, allow the retrieval of information about the sample origin, degradation state and biogeochemical processes. In addition, instruments to determine inorganic pollutants, mercury, organomercury and other compounds are available.IDÆA also offers cell culture facilities, organism housing facilities, histology rooms, behavioural platforms, microscopy facility room, genomics services, equipment for the study of photooxidation kinetics, and solid phase extraction facilities.The institute also owns two pilot sites for the study of water systems and experimental field sites and continuous monitoring networks for groundwater hydraulics, geothermal potential assessment, and quality assessment and modelling.To analyse atmospheric systems, IDÆA operates a unique network of monitoring stations for atmospheric aerosols and gaseous precursors. This network is integrated by a mobile laboratory and three fixed monitoring sites.


  • Support to the researchers
    Funding Department
    The Funding Department aims to acquire financing possibilities for future national and international projects. Working hand by hand with the Directive Board and the Communication and Outreach Department, it ensures that IDAEA thrives on excellent scientific progress.
    Communication & Outreach
    The Communication and Outreach Department was recently established to promote IDAEA’s scientific activity. Having obtained the award Center of Excellence “Severo Ochoa”, IDAEA has reinforced the intention to disseminate its research by expanding the DepartmentNot only is the visibility one of the Department’s goals, but also the positive contribution to society. This is the reason why several outreach and dissemination activities are run during the year. Promoting scientific vocations in children, especially girls, or closing the gap between science and society by inviting families and the general public to the center are some of our actions.
    IDAEA research is supported by 17 scientific equipment services that provide shared access to specialized and interdisciplinary equipment, and expertise on environmental analytical assays. The services are also open to external uses from academia and industry.
    Visit the Services section to get a better insight of the wide range of technical equipment IDAEA offers.


  • Career development
    IDAEA offers a stimulating environment where researchers can continuously grow in their career progression.

    It organizes weekly internal seminars to favour knowledge transfer among different research groups and promote collaborations. Researchers from other national and international centers are often invited to give talks, expanding the scientific knowledge and boosting cooperation among institutions. A wide variety of courses and workshops are run all year round to train predoctoral researchers, postdocs, and technical staff.

    The centre also provides hands-on experience in the use of an extensive instrumentation base, especially in analytical chemistry. This allows high transferability of researchers from academia to private companies, industries or public administration, establishing a stronger network to face local and global challenges. We offer a diverse and inclusive environment where no discrimination against disability, gender, nationality, religion or sexual orientation will occur during the selection process. Take a look at our open positions. We invite candidates to apply and become part of the IDAEA community!
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