Within the Severo Ochoa project IDAEA has created 5 new Committees on:

Talent Attraction

The Institute aims to attract exceptional new young researchers who can contribute to achieving the strategic targets of our research priorities. This is done by using open competitive calls to hire young postdoc researchers and by attracting national and international talented researchers with proven high profile success.


IDAEA offers different internal seminars and workshops so researchers can be updated about the Institute’s scientific production and also for PhD students so they can train public-speaking and presentation skills.

Gender Equality

This committee works to prevent inequalities and discrimination that may generate situations of inferiority for reasons of gender or sexual orientation. It also ensures equal ease of access to resources and opportunities, regardless the gender.


The goal of this committee is transforming IDAEA into an example of a sustainable research institute, focusing on recycling, on the energy expenditure, on the carbon footprint, waste management and mobility.

Synergy Projects

This IDAEA’s committee aims to promote internal multidisciplinary projects involving collaboration of different research groups in the institute, creating also annual competitive calls  with a high potential to attract additional funding from international sources.

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