The Oil Spill Analysis service was accredited on November 2012 by ENAC by the ISO 17025 (159/LE1977). It is based on the chemical characterization of oil spills in the aquatic environment according with the CEN 15522-2:2012, which is based on the principles of environmental forensics. The products to be assayed are crude oil and its derivatives which contain a significant proportion of hydrocarbons with a boiling point higher than 200ºC (diesel, lubricant oil, bilge, heavy fuel oil, sludge and paraffin). Matrices assayed include seawater, PTFE nets, emulsified samples and tar balls. The method is based on a comparative study of ratios of molecular markers between the different candidate sources and the contaminated samples. The laboratory participates periodically in intercalibration exercises organized by Oil Spill Identification Network of Expert in the framework of Bonn-Agreement (Bonn-OSINET).

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