The Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry/Organic Pollutants group presents a long (more than 20 years) and consolidate career in the field of analysis of organic pollutants in environment.

The main research activity of the group focuses in developing analytical methodologies based on Mass Spectrometry for different organic compounds like: persistent organic pollutants (POPs), priority and emerging substances.

  •  Research and development of analytical methodologies based on High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS) and Mass Spectrometry in Tandem (MS/MS) for the analysis of Persistent/Emerging/Priority Organic Contaminants in environmental and food matrices.
  •  Transformation of organic pollutants in the Water Treatment Processes.
  •  Analysis of Biotoxins in water.
  •  Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter.
  •  Research of substances capable of giving tastes and smells in consumer beverages.


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