The High Resolution Spectrometry Service was created to support the different research groups of IDAEA-CSIC, and other institutes, as well as public and private external organization.

Application fields

Service of instrumental analysis by high resolution mass spectrometry and low resolution mass spectrometry coupled to gas chromatography.

Suitable for analysis of trace levels, mainly for the analysis of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in environmental and food samples.

Analysis of POPs (Dioxins and Furans, PCBs, PBDEs, PAHs, Pesticides, etc.) in environmental and food samples:

  • Soil, fly ash, sludge, emissions, inmissions, water, etc…
  • Meat, fish, seafood, lactic products, eggs, oil, etc…      


  1. High resolution HRMS:

    High Resolution Mass Spectrometer, AutoSpec Ultima. (Waters), MS magnetic sector, tri-sector (EBE), double-focusing geometry, providing a unique combination of high sensitivity, high resolution and low background noise. The AutoSpec Premier is the optimal choice for ultra low-level trace detection Applications. MS coupled to a high resolution gas chromatograph.

    Software Masslynx 4.1, quantification by Isotopic Dilution Method.

    The AutoSpec has a dual GC interface to allow the use of two GC injectors with two GC columns installed for alternate or dual simultaneous injections.

    Plug-in ion sources are provided for Electron Impact (EI).

    To achieve the highest sensitivity, HR/SIR acquisition is used, at 10,000 resolution (10% valley definition), an injection of 100 fg of 2,3,7,8-TCDD will give a signal-to-noise ratio at 321.8936 Da of > 125:1.

  1. Low Resolution LRMS:

    Low resolution Mass Spectrometer ISQ, (Thermo Scientific) MS single quadrupole, coupled to a high resolution gas chromatograph. Software Xcalibur 3.0.

    For analysis of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) also analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs).



  • Triplus for líquid samples.
  • Triplus HS for headspace analysis.
  • Triplus SPME.


Routine analysis of volatile organic compounds in drinking water with ISQ 7000 GC-MS

Comparison of Single and Triple Quadrupole GC-MS Instruments for Full Scan Analysis of Semivolatile Organic Compounds

Determination of phthalates in liquor beverages by single quadrupole GC-MS

Extended Dynamic Range, High Precision Analysis of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon Compounds by GC-MS

Latest Advances in the Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds by Single Quadrupole GC-MS


Sauló Dalmau, Jordi

Permanent Technical Staff


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