The GIS Geospatial Data Management and Analysis service provides solutions for the management, visualization and analysis of environmental data at both professional and scientific levels.

The service designs and develops tools for the optimization of management, data mining (data science), analysis, pre-processing, post-processing, visualization, time series, geospatial mapping, space-time representation, etc. The applications are varied, but until now the service has mainly focused in geosciences (geology, hydrogeology, geotechnics, mining, hydrometeorology, hydrology, water resources, etc.), although the application field can expand much broader (for example, in biota and ecosystem models, soil, water and atmosphere pollution, atmospheric and oceanographic variables, etc.).

This is a user-friendly service, whose application allows carrying out scientific or professional environmental assessments. Applications can be based on standard tools or custom tools. The standard tools are based on Databases (SQLite, MS_Access, Geospatial DataBase,), Geographic Information Systems (ArcGIS, QGIS, SmallWorld, Surfer) and in spreadsheets, whereas the custom tools are coded in different programming languages (Python, R, VB, etc.). Training and courses are also offered to improve the skills and usage of all this software.


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