This service has currently 12 gas chromatographs equipped with different detectors (FID, ECD, NPD). Most of them have automated systems to introduce liquid samples or by SPME into Split/Splitless, On-Column or PTV injectors.

The greater part of applications that are carried out within this service are related to environmental pollution, for example Alkenone determination in paleoclimatic studies (GC -FID), Trihalomethane analysis (HS- SPME -GC -ECD), Priority organic pollutants (PCBs, pesticides, …) in environmental and biological samples (GC –ECD), Monitoring organic synthesis reactions (GC-FID).


  • 6 Chromatographs equipped with Flame Ionization Detector (FID) for general use for the analysis of organic compounds that are ionized in flame (oils, fats, FAMEs, resolution of enantiomers, etc.).
  • 3 Chromatographs with Electronic Dapture detector (ECD) specific for high electronegativity compounds (PCBs, DDTs, organochlorine pesticides, trihalomethanes, etc.) at trace and ultratrace levels.
  • 1 Chromatographs equiped with a Nitrogen Phosphorus Detector (NPD) that it is selective for compounds containing nitrogen and phosphorus in its structure. Very used for analysis of pesticides and herbicides.
  • 1 Chromatograph equipped with an Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer coupled with a Cold Vapor Spectrometer (CVAFS) detector for mercury speciation.


The service is available to users as self-service whom are supported by the technician assigned to the service. The responsible provide support on:

  • Provide technical support and advice to new users not only in the equipment operation, but also helping them to create methods or with the data processing.
  • Verification of chromatographs operation and auxiliary equipments.
  • Perform preventive maintenance of equipments and resolution of problems related to instruments troubleshooting.
  • Equipments calibration.
  • Coordination in the installation of new equipments.

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