At present, the Service has 10 gas chromatographs equipped with different injection and detector systems:

* 6 Chromatographs equipped with Flame Ionization Detector (FID) for general use for the analysis of organic compounds that are ionized in flame (oils, fats, FAMEs, resolution of enantiomers, etc.).

* 3 Chromatographs with Electronic Dapture detector (ECD) specific for high electronegativity compounds (PCBs, DDTs, organochlorine pesticides, trihalomethanes, etc.) at trace and ultratrace levels.

* 1 Chromatographs equiped with a Nitrogen Phosphorus Detector (NPD) that it is selective for compounds containing nitrogen and phosphorus in its structure. Very used for analysis of pesticides and herbicides.

* 1 Chromatograph equipped with an Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer coupled with a Cold Vapor Spectrometer (CVAFS) detector for mercury speciation.

The greater part of applications that are carry out at the service are related to environmental pollution or humans.

The service is available to users as self-service whom are supported by the technician assigned to the service. Some of the tasks assigned to the responsible are:

• Provide technical support and advice to new users not only in the equipment operation, but also helping them to create methods or with the data processing.
• Verification of chromatographs operation and auxiliary equipments.
• Perform preventive maintenance of equipments and resolution of problems related to instruments troubleshooting.
• Equipments calibration.
• Coordination in the installation of new equipments.

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