The Environmental Toxicogenomics Service offers a suite of equipments and a highly specialized staff that allow the application of several molecular biology techniques:

  • RNA and DNA extraction and quantification
  • RNA quality control
  • Agarose gel electrophoresis
  • Gene detection
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Genetic variation analysis

The facility is equipped with a Real Time q-PCR (LightCycler 480, Roche), a PCR termocycler (C1000 Touch, BioRad), a Nanodrop Spectrophotometer (NanoDrop 8000, Thermo Scientific), a Bioanalyzer (2100, Agilent Technologies) and a Gel Logic 200 Imaging System (Kodak).

In addition, the Environmental Toxicogenomics Service offers the possibility of studying the toxicity of a compound, mixture or a sample following OECD guidelines such as Fish Embryo Acute Toxicity Test (OCDE 236), Daphnia Magna Reproduction Test (OCDE 211), Daphnia sp. Acute Inmobilization Test (OCDE 202)  and Fresh Algae Growth Inhibition Test (OCDE 201).

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