The Environmental Geochemistry laboratory provides all the elementary tools and materials for the complete characterisation of fuels and residues:

  • Acid-digestion of samples with different matrices for further determination of major, minor, and trace elements;
  • % Cabornate (CaCO3) determination in solid samples (Bernad calcimeter);
  • Mercury determination (LECO AMA 254 Gold Amalgam Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (GA-AAS));
  • Grain size distribution (MALVERN Hydro 2000MU, with a working range from 0.2 to 1000 µm);

The Environmental Geochemistry laboratory is also equipped with a Sartorius PRACTUM 210G X 1MG 2131S weighing scale, GF-12K (12 kg) weighing scale, centrifuge, pH meter, lab furnace, lab stove, and CO2 reactor (5 L)

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