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The Atmospheric Geochemistry laboratory provides all the elementary tools and materials for the complete physicochemical characterization of environmental samples


  • Filter treatments for sampling atmospheric particulate matter ·Total acid digestion and subsequent ICP-AES and ICP-MS analyses ·Leaching test and subsequent chromatography and selective electrodes analyses ·Organic carbon and Elemental carbon (OC, EC) analyses ·Ion Chromatography analyses (IC) ·Quantitative ammonium concentrations analyses ·Quantification of mercury in solid and liquid samples


  • Analytical Balance (Mettler Toledo XP105DR) ·Graphite block acid digestion system ·Thermal-optical carbon analyser (SUNSET) ·Ion Chromatography (Thermo Dionex Aquion ) ·Ion selective electrode (MODEL 710 A+, THERMO Orion) ·Mercury analyzer (Leco AMA 254)

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