The Environmental Pollution & Agriculture (EPA) is part of the Environmental Chemistry Department at the IDAEA. This research group is focused on the natural processes affecting to the fate of contaminants in the environment to find nature based approaches to mitigate chemical pollution and the associated impact of human activity on the ecosystems. The research lines range from environmental chemistry to environmental forensics to identify the pollution sources and the key processes affecting to their fate in the environment. Non target screening and metabolomic methods are developed to get further insight into the contaminant degradation pathways and their impacts into the downstream environment.

  • Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Biogeochemistry of Mercury in Ecosystems
  • Fate of Contaminants in Agroecosystems



European Project

Decision support-based approach for sustainable water reuse application in agricultural production (DSWAP)

Start Date: 01/07/19


European Project

Green solutions for treating groundwater pollution to meet drinking water directive standards – LIFE18 ENV/ES/000199

Start Date: 01/07/19


Reducción del uso de mercurio en comunidades dedicadas a la minería artesanal y en pequeña escala en Colombia (MAPE)

Start Date: 01/04/19


Evaluación del grado de contaminación por mercurio y otras sustancias tóxicas, y su afectación en la salud humana en las poblaciones de la cuenca del río Atrato, como consecuencia de las actividades de minería

Start Date: 01/01/19


Unravelling the effect of chemical signalling on the attenuation of contaminants by symbiosis. Advances in the biological treatment of wastewater. CTM2017-91355-EXP

Start Date: 01/11/18


Improvement and disclosure of efficient techniques for manure management towards a circular and sustainable agriculture

Start Date: 01/07/18

DAMA Project

Accumulation dynamics of antibiotics, metals and bacterial resistance genes in crops grown under organic soil amendments. Implications in the vegetal production and food safety. “DAMA Project”.

Start Date: 01/01/18


We examined Hg and methylmercury (MeHg), an organic and more toxic form of Hg, in water, soil, sediment, aquatic plants, molluscs, fish and piscivorous birds in the two main rivers of the Juruena National Park, the Juruena and Teles rivers Rivers.

Start Date: 01/07/17


The main purpose of this project is to estimate the river contribution to mercury pollution in the most important ecosystems of the Ebro Delta: rice paddies and coastal areas. (EBRORICE)

Start Date: 01/01/17


European Project

ANtibioticS and mobile resistance elements in WastEwater Reuse applications: risks and innovative solutions (ANSWER). MSCA-ITN-2015

Start Date: 01/01/15


Identification and prevention of the chemical risk in irrigated agriculture. Holistic impact of the environmental quality on the uptake of contaminants at full-scale crops. AGL2014-59353-R.

Start Date: 01/01/15


New and emerging challenges and opportunities in wastewater reuse. COST Action ES1403. (NEREUS)

Start Date: 07/11/14


Nuevos muestreadores pasivos para la evaluación del impacto ambiental de mercurio biodisponible (PASIMER)

Start Date: 01/01/12


ENzymatic DEcontamination TECHnology (ENDETECH)

Start Date: 01/01/12

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