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StARE: Stopping Antibiotic Resistance Evolution (JPIW2013-089-C02-02)
StARE partners will collaborate in order to formulate harmonized protocols to measure antibiotic resistance genes and bacteria (ARG and ARB, respectively) in aquatic environments and to develop simplified and cost-effective protocols to reach a global database on ARB&G in aquatic environments. The study will be focused on the assessment of the occurrence of antibiotic residues, ARB&G and potentially interacting emerging chemical pollutants in the final effluent of urban WW treatment plants from different European regions. These regions are characterized by different patterns of antibiotic consumption and resistance occurrence giving a wide overview of ARB&G. In addition, part of the efforts will be devoted to the identification of the critical factors in WW treatment plants linked to ARB&G and develop and improve advanced WW treatment technologies and/or their combination with biological processes.

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