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RITMARE flagship project.
RITMARE is the leading national marine research project for the period 2012-2016. It is coordinated by the National Research Council and involves an integrated effort of most of the scientific community working on marine and maritime issues, as well as some major industrial groups. RITMARE is divided into 7 sub-projects: Maritime Technologies; Technologies for Sustainable Fishing; Planning of the Maritime Space in Coastal Waters; Planning of the Deep Marine Environment and the Open Sea; Observation System for the Marine Mediterranean Environment Research; Training and Dissemination Structures; Interoperable Infrastructure for the Observation Network and Marine Data. RITMARE supports training of a new generation of researchers, through the funding of innovative projects selected through call for proposal strengthens the strategic presence of Italian research in Europe and in the Mediterranean promotes the establishment of a permanent forum between researchers, decision makers and stakeholders in both the public and private sector, with the aim of fostering the integration and transfer of research results and thus place the knowledge as a reference starting point for strategies and management decisions.

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