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Silvia Díaz Cruz

Project Leader

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Integrated risk based management of the water-sediment-soil system at river-basin scale (RISKBASE-036938).
ENTIDAD FINANCIADORA: Unión Europea. 6º Programa Marco.
DURACIÓN, desde: 2006 hasta: 2009 SUBVENCIÓN: 171.810 Euros COORDINADORES: J. Brils (TNO, Holanda) y Damià Barceló (en España).
INVESTIGADOR RESPONSABLE: M. Silvia Díaz Cruz (Project Manager)
The overall objective of RISKBASE was to review and synthesise the outcome of EC FP4-FP6 projects, and other major initiatives, related to integrated risk assessment-based management of the water/sediment/soil system at the river-basin scale. This review and synthesis is executed by leading European scientists and representatives of major, European stakeholder groups. This synthesis leads to the development of integrated risk assessment-based management approaches enabling the prevention and/or reduction of the negative impacts caused by human activities on that system.

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