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PLAS-MED - MicroPLASticos y Microcontaminantes en la costa MEDiterranea: Toxicidad e Impacto ambiental y en la salud humana
MINECO CTM2017-89701-C3-1-R
PLAS-MED aims to respond to this environmental challenge with an interdisciplinary and innovative project, which will establish the Mediterranean Sea as the area of study given its sensitivity, socio-cultural and economic importance. PLAS-MED will assess the risks associated with MPLs and their ability to accumulate and transfer other contaminants to living organisms, including the highly toxic and persistent marine biotoxins and persistent organic compounds (POPs), as well as emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, personal care products, current-use pesticides, and contaminants of industrial origin.
PLAS-MED will propose solutions for a sustainable management thanks to the action of three research groups with outstanding international experience, which will integrate in a transversal way their knowledge on analytical chemistry, environmental and food chemistry; metabolomics; and risk assessment.

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