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Silvia Díaz Cruz

Project Leader

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Improving health through dietary phytoestrogens: A Pan-European network on consumer’s issues and opportunities for producers (PHYTOHEALTH-QLK5-CT-2002-02453)
Entidad financiadora: Unión Europea. 5º Programa Marco.
DURACIÓN, desde: 2003 hasta: 2005 SUBVENCIÓN: 38.347 Euros COORDINADORES: F. Branca, Institute Superior de Sanita, Roma (Italia) y Damià Barceló Culleres (en España).
INVESTIGADOR RESPONSABLE: M. Silvia Díaz Cruz. (Project Manager)
This proposal will lead to the establishment of a pan-European network of institutions dealing with safety and health effects of phytoestrogens, identification of optimal sources and processing technologies, building around a cluster of three EU funded RTD projects. The network involves key nutrition and agro-industrial research Institutes in Europe, academic institutions, leading food manufacturers and SMEs in a total of 11 European countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom) and two associated States (Poland, Switzerland).
The project envisages the organisation of scientific meetings, preparation of consensus papers, fact sheet for regulators, producers and consumers, on-line communication with all stakeholders, i.e. scientists, product manufacturers, consumers targeted to receive products, and regulatory authorities guaranteeing that benefits will overcome risks will be represented.
The PHYTOHEALTH network will concentrate on phytoestrogens in the first stage of the project, but candidates to be a forum of scientific and technological exchange, generation of innovative projects and communication between stakeholders of the food system even for other categories of phytoprotectants in the near future. As such, PHYTOHEALTH is an open structure, that will allow future aggregation of new partners.

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