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Silvia Díaz Cruz

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Novel methods for integrated risk assessment of cumulative stressors in the environment (NOMIRACLE -003956-2).
ENTIDAD FINANCIADORA: Unión Europea. 6º Programa Marco.
DURACIÓN, desde: 2004 hasta: 2009 SUBVENCIÓN: 134.981 EurosCOORDINADORES: H. Lokke, (NERI, Dinamarca) y Damià Barceló (en España).
INVESTIGADOR RESPONSABLE: M. Silvia Díaz Cruz. (Project Manager)
To support current and future European strategies, in particular for environment and health, there is an urgent need for development of methods for assessing the cumulative risks from combined exposures to multiple stressors including from complex mixtures of chemical, physical, and biological agents.
This presented IP will help support the development and improvement of a coherent series of methodologies that will be underpinned by mechanistic understanding, while integrating the risk analysis approaches of environmental and human health. The project will deliver understanding and tools for sound risk assessment, developing a research framework for the description and interpretation of combined stressor effects that leads to the identification of biomarkers and other indicators of cumulative impacts. The IP will help increase knowledge on the transfer of pollutants between different environmental compartments, including how these processes are influenced by natural stressors such as climate, and on the impact of cumulative stressors, including chemical mixtures. This will facilitate the link information concerning the condition of air, water, soil and the built environment with human and ecosystem health monitoring data. By developing and using improved assessment tools and novel models, the project will quantify and aim at reducing uncertainty in current risk assessment and screening methodologies, e.g. by improving the scientific basis for setting safety factors. The new methods will take into account geographical, ecological, social and cultural differences across Europe.
The IP consortium is highly competent in the relevant areas, counting leading scientists within human toxicology and epidemiology, aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry/biochemistry, toxicogenomics, physics, mathematical modelling, geographic informatics, and socio-economic science.

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