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Consolider Research Network on the effects of water scarcity and global change on river systems (NET-SCARCE) (Redes de Excelencia CTM2015-69780-REDC).
ENTIDAD FINANCIADORA: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
DURACION DESDE: 12/2015 HASTA: 11/2017
NET-SCARCE is a network that builds on the scientific heritage received from the SCARCE project and aims to consolidate the multi-disciplinary network established in its parent project in order to provide insight into the current challenges related with water scarcity under global change.

There is a growing concern on relevance of global change (climate, land use, socio-economy, and hydrology) that was on line with the SCARCE project objectives, both in the Mediterranean area and beyond. The SCARCE project has also evidenced that a multidisciplinary and integrative view is necessary in order to correctly approach the problem of global change effects in the Mediterranean River Basins. SCARCE was without doubt the most important project on a national level, to look into these interrelated and multidisciplinary issues that are important for the binomial global change-water scarcity question and its consequences as regards the aquatic ecosystems and related services.

Thus, the multidisciplinary team around the water issues and the environment assembled for the SCARCE project aims to enforce the link between the different disciplines it encompasses, never considered up to now to approach the problems affecting the Mediterranean river basins. In the frame of the NET-SCARCE it is therefore possible to consolidate and relaunch the network, then generate new outcomings about the problems of water scarcity on our river basins. It also provides the platform for a systematic consolidation of the relationships with the water managers, as a subsequent step after the SCARCE project for bridging the presently existing communication gap between scientist and water manager and authorities.

The overall benefit of NET-SCARCE is that it consolidates the existing consortium, and that it addresses the open challenges associated with it. In addition, NET-SCARCE draws the expertise and knowledge from all the relevant past and on-going EC-funded projects in the field, as well as from numerous national relevant projects, that are undertaken towards specific research directions with which this network relates.

The main objective of NET-SCARCE is to consolidate the multi-disciplinary network established in the SCARCE project to provide insight into the current challenges related with water scarcity under global change, both from scientific and management perspectives, and how can we respond and adapt to these challenges. The network will focus on:
- Establish a network between the partners that can stand at the forefront of the relevant scientific and technological research
- Perform the maintenance of the already ongoing channels for dissemination of achievements
- Facilitate and expedite interaction and exchange of ideas between different disciplines; such as chemistry, microbiology, engineering, ecotoxicology, ecology, hydrology, geomorphology, etc.
- Generate original ideas for new research projects and collaborations
- Develop new trans-disciplinary partnerships vital to thoroughly understand the complexities concerning the different disciplines involved
- Deliver best-practice advice to water managers and solid scientific knowledge to decision makers
- Compile valid and reliable information to be used in regulatory frameworks.
- Facilitate the transfer of knowledge to the stakeholders, end-users and the wider public - Serve as a forum for early-stage and young researchers to network, present results and obtain state-of-the-art knowledge
- Keep European scientific community at the cutting edge of this interdisciplinary field of scientific and technological research
- Contribute to promote at the EU agenda the specific issues of global change in the basins of Mediterranean region

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