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The need for raw materials, especially REE’s, is increasing rapidly in EU and globally. At the same time, the amount of mine waste is increasing drastically together with concerns related to the environmental effects of mining. Mining industry can achieve more ecoefficient and selective raw material production by enhancing the utilization of side streams and mine waste. This development highlights the need to develop more efficient recovery methods and to efficiently remove dissolved metals from mine water streams, while securing the surrounding environment and ecosystem.
The main objective of the project is to enhance the ecoefficient and sustainable use of natural resources through creating a modular recovery process service package for hydrometallurgy and water treatment. The project aims to demonstrate that the well tested GTK’s modular pilot plant with selective metal recovery processes and tested organic adsorbents, including CHCollector (patented method) and biochars, will work on larger scale in a hydrometallurgical plant. Also, the organic adsorbents will be tested for efficient applications in semipassive
drainage water treatment and REE and base metal recovery.
After this project, the water treatment pilot plant will be upscaled and proved to work in larger scale process and adsorbent testing at hydrometallurgical process sites, widening significantly the business opportunities. Organic adsorbents, e.g. CHCollector and biochars will be proved to be efficient in large scale hydrometallurgical processes and mine waste drainage treatment, becoming useful part of the side stream utilization and circular economy. The metal recovery processes at target sites will be enhanced in critical raw materials recovery. The modular recovery process service package including a mobile pilot plant combined with innovative SME technologies and ecoefficient organic adsorbents will be a powerful tool in developing utilization and cleaning of mining side streams.

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