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MODELKEY Models for Assessing and Forecasting the Impact of Environmental Key Pollutants on Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Grant agreement ID: 511237
From 1-2-2005 to 31-1-2010


MODELKEY comprises a multidisciplinary approach aiming at developing interlinked and verified predictive modelling toolsas well as state-of-the-art effect-assessment and analytical methods generally applicable to European freshwater and marine ecosystems:
1)to assess, forecast, and mitigate the risks of traditional and recently evolving pollutants on fresh water and marine ecosystems and their biodiversity at a river basin and adjacent marine environment scale,
2)to provide early warning strategies on the basis of sub-lethal effects in vitro and in vivo,
3)to provide a better understanding of cause-effect-relationships between changes in biodiversity and the ecological status, as addressed by the Water Framework Directive, and the impact of environmental pollution as causative factor,
4)to provide methods for state-of-the-art risk assessment and decision support systems for the selection of the most efficient management options to prevent effects on biodiversity and to priorities contamination sources and contaminated sites,
5)to strengthen the scientific knowledge on an European level in the field of impact assessment of environmental pollution on aquatic eco-systems and their biodiversity by extensive training activities and knowledge dissemination to stakeholders and the scientific community. This goal shall be achieved by combining innovative predictive tools for modelling exposure on a river basin scale including the estuary and the coastal zone, for modelling effects on higher levels of biological organization with powerful assessment tools for the identification of key modes of action, key toxicants and key parameters determining exposure. The developed tools will be verified in case studies representing European key areas including Mediterranean, Western and Central European river basins. An end-user-directed decision support system will be provided for cost-effective tool selection and appropriate risk and site prioritization.
Coordinator- UFZ, Germany (Werner Brack)
Project staff: Miren López de Alda, Damia Barcelo, Cristina Postigo, Brack W, Bakker J, de Deckere E, Deerenberg C, van Gils J, Hein M, Jurajda P, Kooijman B, Lamoree M, Lek S, López de Alda MJ, Marcomini A, Muñoz I, Rattei S, Segner H, Thomas K, von der Ohe PC, Westrich B, de Zwart D, Schmitt-Jansen M.
MODELKEY. Models for assessing and forecasting the impact of environmental key pollutants on freshwater and marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2005 Sep;12(5):252-6. http://dx.doi.org/10.1065/espr2005.08.286

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