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Los fármacos como contaminantes prioritarios: efectos toxicológicos, ambientales y riesgos para la salud humana (PI14/00516)
Project leader: Yolanda Varcárcel Rivera
Determine the presence of drugs, such as a type of contaminants not currently subject to legislation, in different matrices: breast milk, milk of animal origin, seawater, and species from the marine environment such as fish and shellfish, as well as evaluate the possible toxicological effects of the same about the natural environment and about public health
Project staff: Jose Luis Rodriguez-Gil (King Juan Carlos University, Madrid), Silvia Gonzalez Alonso (Health Institute Carlos III, Madrid), Ester López-García (IDAEA-CSIC, Barcelona), Nicola Mastroianni (IDAEA-CSIC, Barcelona), Cristina Postigo (IDAEA-CSIC, Barcelona), Damià Barceló (IDAEA-CSIC, Barcelona), Miren López de Alda(IDAEA-CSIC, Barcelona).

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