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Integra-Coast – Emerging contaminants, Nanomaterials and Microplastics in rivers, estuaries and coastal waters: Integrated Study
MINECO CGL2014-56530-C4-1-R
The main goal of INTEGRA-COAST was to perform an integrated study of the fate, behaviour, and the river transport of emerging contaminants, nanomaterials and microplastics in estuaries, wetlands and coastal waters. INTEGRA-COAST will study microplastics, nanomaterials (fullerenes, silver and silicon nanoparticles), emerging organic contaminants (pharmaceuticals and personal care products, new pesticides, perfluoroalkyl substances and siloxanes) and marine biotoxins result of algae blooms in geographical areas where they are not endemic favoured by eutrophication processes, pollution and incresed water temperature. In addition, priority pollutants will also be assessed in conjunction with the emerging ones.

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