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Xavier Querol Carceller

Project Leader

Andrés Alastuey Urós

Project Leader

Project Description

Episodes of high levels of ozone, ultrafine particles and secondary aerosols in urban and regional background environments in the NE of Spain.

Dir. General de Investigación y Gestión Del Plan Nacional I+D, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. CGL2016-78594-R. Investigador responsable: X. Querol (Co-IP. André Alastuey). Financiación: 322,000 EUROS. Duración:


i) investigating the spatial variability of O3 and UFP in NE Iberian Peninsula where these air quality parameters are of special relevance; and

ii) analysing the atmospheric scenarios yielding to high formation rates of O3, UFP, SOA and inorganic SA (SIA) in the Western Mediterranean. Our final aim is providing experimental results describing the atmospheric episodes yielding to high levels of these pollutants and to investigate the source origins (natural/anthropogenic, local/regional/hemispheric) based on results from specially designed measurement campaigns with state of the art instrumentation for UFP (PSM), aerosols (TAG-AMS, ACSM), VOCs (HR-PTR-MS), airborne measurements (balloons) equipped with miniaturised instruments, passive dosimeters and long term measurements. The results will be integrated with those from the existing ground based and vertical measurements carried out in the IDAEA air quality experimental to support building of new knowledge as well as policy issues on climate change, air quality, and long-range transport of pollutants.

Our results on the photochemical pollution episodes coupled with modelling outputs from other teams and projects developed will provide important information for designing and assessing air quality plans for abating photochemical pollutants in Spain.


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