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Estudio Integrado de la Exposición y Efectos de los COVs en Personas que Realizan un Ejercicio Físico Intenso (EXPO-COV).
This project is devoted to know for the first time what is the impact on human health of intense physical exercise (running for long times) in atmospheres contaminated by volatile organic compounds in urban and industrial areas as well as in those with high ozone levels. Specifically, it is intend to identify which of these pollutants have a greater association with lung stress markers because of intense physical exercise. For this purpose, it was recruited volunteers to run in different environments that apply to urban areas with high and low levels of pollution, in rural areas in summer (high ozone levels) and in a city with emissions from a refinery. Before and after running, concentrations of volatile organic compounds were measured in exhaled air of these volunteers. In terms of effects, we measured 8-isoprostane (a marker of oxidative stress), cytokines (marker of lung inflammation) and the fractional concentration of exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO; it also meters lung inflammation) in exhaled breath condensates. In the blood samples, we measured clara cell secretory protein (CC16) and surfactant neumoprotein S (SP-D), both indicators of pulmonary epithelial permeability. This will allow identifying associations between environmental contamination at each sampling site, the pulmonary function of the volunteers, intake of specific pollutants and changes in markers of pulmonary stress.

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