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Cristina Postigo Rebollo

Project Leader

Damià Barceló Cullerès

Project Leader

Project Description

Evaluación del potencial de formación de diversos subproductos de desinfección (DBPs) emergentes del agua de las diferentes plantas de tratamiento de ATLL CGC y en sus diversas etapas (DBP-POFOREM-I and DBP-POFOREM-II)
This project was done in the framework of two collaboration contracts stablished with ATLL CGC to investigate the formation potential of different classes of emerging (not regulated) DBPs of the waters produced at their different treatment plants and present in the distribution network. The DBP classes investigated included haloacetic acids, haloacetamides, haloacetonitriles, iodinated trihalomethanes and trihalogenated haloacetaldehydes.

Project staff: Cristina Postigo, Pere Emiliano, Damià Barceló, Fernando Valero

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