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Red Española para el análisis de aguas residuales con fines epidemiológicos (ESAR-NET) (CTM2016-81935-REDT).
Project leader: José Benito Quintana (Santiago de Compostela University)
This Spanish network is responsible for monitoring the consumption of substances of abuse in Spain through the analysis of wastewater with the aim of creating early warning systems that complements traditional methods to estimate the consumption of drugs in the population. The substances studied include illegal substances of abuse most commonly used (cannabis, cocaine, etc), new psychoactive substances (NPs) and legal substances (alcohol and tobacco). Currently, the network analyzes, over a week a year, the wastewater of 17 wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) distributed in 7 autonomous communities of the Spanish territory, covering a total of 6 million inhabitants, which is equivalent to 13 % of the total population. Through these sampling, in which different types of population centers are covered, it is intended to know the patterns of consumption in Spain and detect consumption trend more effectively and more quickly.
Project staff: José Benito Quintana Álvarez (Santiago de Compostela University), Rosario Rodil Rodriguez (Santiago de Compostela University), Rosa Maria Montes Goyanes (Santiago de Compostela University), Iria González Mariño (Santiago de Compostela University), Rosa Maria Marcé Recasens (Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona), Eva Pocurull Aixalà (Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona), Lubertus Bijlsma (Jaime I Univerisity, Castellón), Félix Hernández Hernández (Jaime I Univerisity, Castellón), Vicente Andreu Pérez (CIDE, Valencia), Yolanda Picó (CIDE, Valencia), Andreu Rico Artero (King Juan Carlos University and IMDEA, Madrid), Yolanda Valcárcel Rivera (King Juan Carlos University and IMDEA, Madrid), Cristina Postigo Rebollo (IDAEA-CSIC, Barcelona), Miren López de Alda Villaizán (IDAEA-CSIC, Barcelona).

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