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ENDETECH aims at promoting a novel decontamination technology based on enzymes, able to eradicate pharmaceutical compounds and EDCs pollutants from water. ENDETECH partners work to develop this technology and apply it in bio-reactors specially designed for wastewater treatment. The envisioned bioreactors will be optimized by using tailored immobilization supports to enhance stability and efficiency of the catalytic enzymes. The decontamination technology focuses on achieving a major decrease of the concentrations for the most persistent compounds in order to drastically reduce the measured activity in the samples for the considered target compounds. This reduction is expected to decrease the toxicity risks associated with the discharges.
The efficacy of enzyme-based treatment processes will be evaluated by combining both, chemical analyses and ecotoxicological hazard assessment of the selected pollutants (antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs, hormones) and some of their transformation products (TPs).

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