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Romà Tauler Ferré

Project Leader

Stefan Platikanov


Project Description

The work will focus on the development and implementation of chemometric methods for the investigation of environmental and current climate change effects on natural and biological systems. With this purpose, the following measurements will be obtained and analyzed; 1) genomic and metabonomic information of a group of selected biological systems; (2) climate and environmental monitoring campaign information. In the first case, a group of pollutants, physical stressors and biological systems will be selected, protocols for the sampling and sample pretreatment will be designed, genomic experiments with DNA microarrays and metabonomic GC-MS and LC-MS experiments will be carried out, and the megavariante data obtained will be analyzed chemometrically and interpreted for the changes observed in the genomic and metabonómic profiles and in a selected group pf markers. Data tables obtained from environmental and climatic monitoring campaigns, and from remote sensing satellite images will be analysed in the second case.

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