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This project aims to study the atmospheric layer of diffuse pollution that exists on the continental areas. The constituent contaminants of this diffuse layer originate from the current use of various toxic compounds and the past use of persistent organic compounds that are still in the environment because of its high stability. In this research project, we will develop the first comprehensive study of the chemical composition of this diffuse layer of pollutants and the effects produced in organisms. This pollution layer will be studied in high mountains, the most remote areas of the continent that are free of local pollution inputs. In these areas, air samples will be collected and analyzed using active pumping and passive adsorption of cartridges. Lakes present in these areas will be studied to see what are the transfers of these atmospheric pollutants to water. In such lakes fish will also be taken and studied. We will measure their contaminant load and the biological effects by omic techniques like transcriptomics and epigenetic analysis in liver cells.

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