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Sandra Pérez Solsona

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Antoni Ginebreda Martí

Project Leader

Nicola Montemurro


Project Description

CICLIC proposes an innovative toolbox to monitor the environmental fate of contaminants and to assess theirs risks for human health and for ecosystems in a scenario of climate change. This toolbox will be developed and tested on highly biodiverse areas, in the boundary between terrestrial and marine ecosystems (i.e., wetlands), and will include aspects regarding massive data analysis, novel contaminant monitoring and analytical techniques, wastewater reuse and analysis, metabolomics, environmental and ecological modelling, ecotoxicological tools, and ecosystem vulnerability and resilience analysis. This project has a strong multidisciplinary nature, and offers marked synergies across several scientific disciplines: environment and natural resource management, environmental forensics, toxicology, risk assessment, applied chemistry, metabolomics, and ecology.
CICLIC is formed by three sub-projects: WETANPACK, TRAPPeR and ECOREST, which are led by three research institutes with acknowledged expertise in water quality analysis, risk assessment of contaminants and climate change impact assessment. CIDE-UV, will be the overall coordinator of CICLIC and will lead WETANPACK. CIDE-UV has expertise in environmental processes, environmental forensics, analysis of structural contaminants, and spatial analysis of environmental data using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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