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ALARMTOX Project SOE1/P1/E129.

ALARMTOX is a project co-financed by the European Union through the Interreg IV B SUDOE (South-West Europe) Territorial Cooperation Programme. It is integrated into the first priority of the Programme: “Promotion of innovation and constitution of stable cooperation networks in technological matters”. The presented opinions only compromise the partners and, consequently, in no way represent the opinion of the Territorial Cooperation Programme’s management bodies.

Four research centres with recognised expertise in the scientific areas needed for biosensor development are participating in the ALARMTOX project:
IRTA, Sant Carles de la Ràpita (Tarragona, Spain), acting as a coordinator.
BIOMEM-IMAGES-UPVD, Perpignan (France).
CRITT Bio-Industries-INSA, Toulouse (France).
IDAEA-CSIC, Barcelona (Spain).

Several microalgae species are able to produce toxins whose presence has negative social-economical effects. Food and health safety is compromised through contamination of shellfish, drinkable water and nutritional algae, or by direct contact with them; this can result in closure of coastal shellfish production or aquatic recreational areas.
The main objective of the ALARMTOX project is to develop and validate assays and biosensors for biotoxin detection that guarantee the quality of continental waters and aquaculture products. These new technologies should be more specific, more sensitive, faster and less expensive than the currently used biological and analytical methods. To reach these goals a multi-disciplinary approach will be followed, exploiting the expertise of each one of the partners.

Project Leader
Dra. Mònica Campàs


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