Teresa Moreno Pérez

Director IDAEA

1121 - 1573 teresa.moreno@idaea.csic.es
ORCID: 0000-0003-3235-1027
Research group: Environmental Geochemistry and Atmospheric Research (EGAR)

Teresa Moreno trained as a geologist (Universidad Complutense Madrid, 1992), working in the Spanish Geological Survey before completing her doctoral thesis on the geochemistry and micromineralogy of platinum group elements at Cardiff University (UK) in 1999. After a short Fulbright Scholarship in New York she worked in the UK as a postdoc researcher with toxicologists funded by the British Medical Research on the physical and chemical characterization of atmospheric particulate matter and its health effects. She has worked at CSIC research institutes as an atmospheric geoscientist since 2004, firstly as a Ramón y Cajal Researcher (2004-2007), then Tenured Scientist (2007-2010) and Senior Scientist (2010-present). In 2011 she won an award from the Japanese Society for the Advancement of Science to work in Japan. She has published over 130 articles in SCI journals and contributed to more than 30 books (4 as an editor, including the prestigious Geology of Spain (2002), Chile (2007) and Japan (2016) series published by the Geological Society of London). Teresa has participated in more than 50 competitive projects, 11 of them as main researcher at both national (Ministries of Environment, Science and Innovation and Economy and Competitiveness) and international (European Union, Framework Programs and LIFE) levels. In recent years she has co-ordinated and led the European IMPROVE LIFE project (2014-2018), and the nationally funded METRO and BUSAIR projects (2013-2015, 2016-2019) on the improvement of air quality in the rail subway and on public buses. She has been the Director of IDAEA since May 2018.

SARS-CoV-2 en superficies y aire de autobuses de transporte público

National Project

Evaluación de la presencia y de la eficiencia de desinfección de SARS-CoV-2 en superficies y aire de autobuses de transporte público

Start Date: 22/06/2020 – End Date: 21/06/2021


National Project

Assessment of human exposure to chemical additives associated with plastics

Start Date: 01/06/2020 – End Date: 30/05/2023


International Project

Traffic-related air pollution and birth weight: the roles of noise, placental function, green space, diet, physical activity, and socioeconomic status

Start Date: 01/03/2018 – End Date: 28/02/2022


Reducing risks from Occupational exposure to Coal Dust (ROCD)

Start Date: 01/07/2017 – End Date: 30/09/2020


Identification of factors affecting the quality of the air we breathe in urban transport buses

Start Date: 31/12/2016 – End Date: 29/12/2020

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