Pilar Fernández Ramón

1637 pilar.fernandez@idaea.csic.es
ORCID: 0000-0002-4535-5214
Research group: Geochemistry and Pollution

Trained in environmental chemistry at pre-doc and post-doc levels, my research activity has been focused on the study of organic pollutants in the environment, involving their analysis in almost all compartments, namely water, air, sediments, soils, atmospheric deposition and organisms, including humans. These studies covered the analysis of these compounds in remote areas (high altitude mountain regions), but also in local sites under the impact of industrial and urban pollution sources. Current research activities under development are: (i) Fate and transport mechanisms of persistent organic pollutants to remote areas, (ii) potential toxic effects of diffusive pollution, and (iii) study of the submicron organic matter in urban and rural aerosols and their effects on human health. I have supervised 9 PhD theses, and actively participated in Post-graduate courses in different universities from Spain and South America

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