Patricia Córdoba Sola

Research group: Environmental Geochemistry and Atmospheric Research (EGAR)

Juan de la Cierva Fellow. PhD on the partitioning and fate of trace elements at two full-scale power plants equipped with a wet limestone flue gas desulphurization (FGD) system at the IDÆA-CSIC in through the framework of the UPC doctorate program in Geochemistry in 2013. Patricia´s expertise is in general combustion and especially FGD systems, relating to the chemistry of inorganic trace pollutants and to the reuse of solid by-products. During her postdoc tenure at the Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland), she worked on both oxy-fuel combustion (CIUDEN´s CO2 capture) and CO2 storage by the use of brines from natural gas extraction. During her postdoc tenure at the US Environmental Protection Agency (NRMRL), she worked on both oxy-fuel combustion and selenium chemistry in FGDs. Aside from these main areas of focus, her research has been spread across many projects while at the IDÆA-CSIC, UNNOTs, UFRO and industry sector (ENDESA, CIUDEN´s CO2 capture) including fundamental inorganic chemistry and geochemistry, mercury, reduction of industrial emissions through FGDs, VIS radiometry, waste water and solid management, and investigations into different industrial processes to assess their environmental sustainability

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