Melissa Faria

ORCID: 0000-0003-1451-4427
Research group: Environmental Toxicology

Beatriu de Pinós Postdoc
I am a Biologist with a Beatriu de Pinós postdoctoral fellow at the IDAEA institute. I am interested in detecting and solving environmental problems related to surface water quality. I am focused on the development of new methods for detecting and deciphering apical modes of action of environmental contaminants in aquatic organism and linking those responses with changes at cellular, metabolic and molecular levels. My research fields are Environmental Chemistry, System Biology, Ecotoxicology, Stress Biology and Animal Physiology. I have worked with a wide range of aquatic species including invertebrates (bivalves, crustaceans, insects) and vertebrates (fish), in both laboratory and field studies.

Knowing the enemy

Knowing the enemy: a mechanistic approach to fight against OPIDN.

Start Date: 01/10/18


Development of medium- and high-throughput methodologies for chemical risk assessment in aquatic ecosystems: neurobehavioural effects and pathophysiological mechanisms in zebrafish and Daphnia magna. NeuroAquaTox.

Start Date: 01/01/18


Mechanistically-based environmental risk assessment: towards an omics-driven solution for an effective management of chemical risks. Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spain, CTM2014-51985-R. (EMRISKS)

Start Date: 01/01/15

Characterizing emerging effects of pollutants in the aquatic environment

Characterizing emerging effects of pollutants in the aquatic environment

Start Date: 01/01/12

Río Tempisque (Palo Verde)

Impacto de los plaguicidas en el recurso hídrico de la zona baja de la cuenca del Río Tempisque (Palo Verde) Costa Rica

Start Date: 01/01/09


Study of the genetic structure and ecological diferenciation of spanish zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) populations due to natural or anthropogenic environmental factors (CEBRAPOP)

Start Date: 01/01/08


Estudio de los mecanismos específicos de respuesta del mejillón cebra (Dreissena polymorpha) y de los bivalvos unionoideos (náyades) frente a impactos ambientales de origen natural y antropogénico. Bases científicas para su control ambiental sostenible (CEBRAGEST).

Start Date: 01/01/07


Ecological risk assessment of pesticides in natural and exploited invertebrate communities in the Ebro Delta and areas of influence. Scientific basis for their environmental management (DELTATOX)

Start Date: 01/01/07


Development of ecological test to measure stress in Ebro river organisms between Ribarroja Dam and the river Delta, and analysis of chemical risk due to impact of toxic sediments present in the Flix Dam

Start Date: 01/01/06


EELEANORA-Impact of pollution exposure on the contribute of specific eel populations to European stock renewal

Start Date: 01/07/03

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