Maria Vittoria Barbieri

ORCID: 0000-0001-6811-597X
Research group: Water, Environmental and Food Chemistry (ENFOCHEM)

Currently PhD student at the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research at the Spanish National Research Council (IDAEA-CSIC - Barcelona, Spain). The study of environmental pollution has motivated all her work as an educational activity. Her PhD studies focus on the presence of pesticides in different environmental matrices (water, sediments, food) and on the different evaluation proposals for their elimination.

BSc in Biology from the University of Tuscia (Italy) in 2014 and MSc in Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Applied Anthropology from the University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy) in 2017 with a MSc thesis in the framework of the RITMARE project: “Bio-remediation of marine sediments contaminated by chlorinated organic pollutants (PCE, PCB): study of the reductive dechlorination process and biomolecular characterization of the microbial communities responsible”. Awarded with a scholarship from the Program ERASMUS + to participate in the UNIPHARMA-GRADUATES project at the University of Barcelona in 2017, in the framework of Cost Action CM1407 project: “Organic synthesis of natural products: Manipulation, purification, nuclear magnetic resonance and interpretation of results”. Actually PhD student at the IDAEA-CSIC since 2017, working on the analysis, occurrence and impact of pesticides in environment and recommendations for their attenuation.

2017 SGR 01404 – Calidad de aguas y suelos

Suport als grups de recerca consolidats “2017 SGR 01404 – Calidad de aguas y suelos”

Start Date: 01/01/18


WATERPROTECT “Innovative tools enabling drinking WATER PROTECTion in rural and urban environments”

Start Date: 01/06/17

Directiva Marco del Agua – Análisis de compuestos plaguicidas polares en la red de control de les aguas subterráneas.

Directiva Marco del Agua – Análisis de compuestos plaguicidas polares en la red de control de les aguas subterráneas.

Start Date: 01/06/17


Development of analytical methodologies for determination of pesticides in water and soils and their application in the evaluation of new environmental bioremediation processes (BECAS) (grant number CTM2016-75587-C2-2-R).

Start Date: 30/12/16


European Project

Challenging organic syntheses inspired by nature – from natural products chemistry to drug discovery (CMST COST Action CM1407) (NATCHEMDRUGS)

Start Date: 16/03/15


European Project

Managing the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems under water scarcity (GLOBAQUA)

Start Date: 01/02/14


Solutions for present and future emerging pollutants in land and water resources management

Start Date: 01/10/13


RITMARE flagship project is the leading national marine research project for the period 2012-2016

Start Date: 01/01/12

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