Maria Izquierdo Ramonet

ORCID: 0000-0002-2283-7202
Research group: Environmental Geochemistry and Atmospheric Research (EGAR)

My research seeks to enhance our mechanistic understanding of the behaviour and transfer of trace elements at the geosphere-biosphere interface. My work has a strong analytical basis and a key aspect is the development of advanced ICP-MS applications to produce accurate elemental and isotopic data shedding light on the biogeochemical behaviour of stable and long-lived radio-isotopes in the environment. Another key driver of my research is developing our ability to produce mechanistically sound long-term predictions of trace element behaviour. My work has addressed a variety of issues including global food security aspects such as nutrient deficiencies in rice paddies, the impact of flooding on metal lability in alluvial soils, or the long term biogeochemical behaviour of radionuclides in soil and their potential transfers into plants and wildlife.

I graduated in Geology and obtained my PhD in 2005. I was awarded a 2yr post-doctoral fellowship by the former Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion (Spain) followed by a 2yr Intra-European Marie Curie Fellowship to undertake post-doctoral studies at the University of Limerick (Ireland), Centre for Research & Technology (Greece) and the British Geological Survey (UK). I was then appointed as post-doctoral research associate at Cranfield University (UK) and the University of Nottingham (UK) until 2017 when I returned to Barcelona to join IDÆA as a Ramon y Cajal Researcher. I have 44 per-reviewed publications, an h-index=24, ≈1800 citations and I am an active member of the International Medical Geology Association.

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