Maria Dulsat Masvidal

Maria Dulsat Masvidal

Funded by Severo Ochoa project

Research group: Chemometrics

Environmental Biologist (Autonomous University of Barcelona) with MSc in Envionmental pollution, toxicology and Health (University of Valencia). Currently performing Ph.D studies at IDAEA-CSIC, investigating the exposure and effects of legacy and emerging pollutants in avifauna and their habitats, using GC and LC methods coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry.


  • May 2019 | Analysis of environmental organic pollutants in Important Birding Areas (IBA)-  PhD Student| IDAEA –CSIC and SEO Birdlife
  • October – February 2019 | Review of constraints for the collection and sharing of raptor samples and contextual data in Europe- Short Term Scientific Mission | Laboratorio de Orinitologia, University of Évora.
  • July – September 2018 |Sampling environmental samples in Doñana National Park (Spain). Use of analytical hyphenated techniques as LC MS and GC MS –  Student in practice| IDAEA-CSIC.
  • 2018 | Study of ibuprofen toxicity in Daphnia magna, using acute and chronic toxicity tests – Master’s thesis| Department of Cellular Biology, Functional Biology and Physical antropology , UV.
  • June – July 2017 |Sample preparation of skulls of Microtus arvalis – Department of Animal Biology, Plant Biology and Ecology, UAB. Work associated with the University of Valladolid.
  • October 2016- June 2017 |Literature review about Endocrine Disruptors of Teleostean Fishes’s Reproductive Physiology- Bachelor’s Degree final Project | Department of Cellular Biology, Physiology and Immunology, UAB.
  • January 2016-  September 2016 | Soil toxicity test with Oppia nitens organized by Environment Canada. Soil toxicology test with Folsomia candida. And participation in a Biochar experiment with Hordium vulgare – Student in practice| CREAF


  • PhD program in Terrestrial Ecology | 2019- Present | CREAF
  • Master’s degree in Environment Pollution, Toxicology and Health| 2018 | Universitat de València (UV).  Environmental toxicology specialisation.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology| 2017 | Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Specialisation in Animal Biology.


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