Juan Manuel Peña Herrera

Juan Manuel Peña Herrera

1628 jmpqam@idaea.csic.es
ORCID: 0000-0002-9677-6457
Research group: Water, Environmental and Food Chemistry (ENFOCHEM)

PhD Student of Analytical Chemistry of University of Barcelona (Universidad de Barcelona, Spain) in the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research IDAEA-CSIC. I developed a master thesis in Geography at Bern University (Universität Bern, Switzerland) and I hold a degree in Chemistry at the National University of Colombia (Universidad Nacional de Colombia). I am currently working on occurrence, distribution and transformation of pharmaceuticals in fish. Specifically, in developing method extraction for pharmaceutical from the fish muscle and identification of pharmaceuticals metabolites by suspect screening by liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry.

PhD in Environment Analytical Chemistry Since 2015 – University of Barcelona– Spain.

Financied studies through a loan scholarship COLCIENCIAs (Colombia), call  568 “Doctorado en el exterior”,


PhD in Geochemistry: 2013 – 2015 -University of Bern– Switzerland.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wilcke. This program was changed for the actual PhD position, because Prof. Wilcke quit his position at the University of Bern.


Master Thesis: 2011 – 2013. University of Bern– Switzerland.

  • Program: master of Science in Geography
  • Dissertation title: “Response of N, P, Organic C and Cl concentrations in soil solution to varying precipitation in a tropical montane forest of Ecuador”
  • Supervisor:  Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wilcke.


Bachelor of Science, BSc Chemistry: 2003 – 2009- National University of Colombia – Bogotá – Colombia.


Technician in Electrical Installation and Maintenance: 2001 – 2003 – National service of Apprenticeship Bogotá – Colombia.

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