Jesús Yus Díez

Jesús Yus Díez

Research group: Environmental Geochemistry and Atmospheric Research (EGAR)

BSc in Physics by the University of Zaragoza and MSc in Meteorology by the University of Barcelona. My current doctoral research focuses on the physical and optical propertiesof the aerosol particles and its variabilities in the NE of the Iberian peninsula.

TLF: + 34 671 18 48 61


Desired to acquire experience in a multidisciplinary environment. Interested in atmospheric sciences, earth sciences and data treatment and analysis. I really like to study the way the physical and mathematical concepts apply to the atmosphere.


July 2016 – August 2016
Function: Assistant investigator.
Topic: Science – Condensed Matter Physics
At: Aragonese material sciences institute (ICMA). Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).
PI: Fernando Bartolomé (
▪ Measurement, analysis and calculus of X-ray absorption (XAS) and circular dichroism (XMCD) in Lanthanide ions. Experimental realization of X-ray absorption in the ESRF, data treatment and result derivation from them, as well as simple calculus of X absorption and atomic structure.

September 2017 – July 2018
Function: Assistant investigator.
At: Meteorology Group, Department of Applied Physics. University of Barcelona
Topic: Science – Atmospheric Physics
PI: Maria Rosa Soler (
▪ Collaborator as assistant investigator in the project “ Investigation and assessment applied on the Micrometeorology field”. The main objective consists on the continuation of the study of the master thesis: “Classification of the turbulent regimes in the atmospheric boundary layer in complex orography zones”.

July 2018 – present
Function: PhD student.
At: Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA). Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).
Topic: Science – Atmospheric Physics
Meteorology Group, Department of Applied Physics. University of Barcelona
Director 1: Andrés Alastuey (
Director 2: Marco Pandolfi (
▪ My thesis is focused on the study of the variability and trends of the aerosol optical properties in the NE of Spain. It is within a project which aim is to study the impacts of high levels episodes of ozone, ultrafine particles and secondary aerosols in an urban background and regional scale in NE Spain.


2016 – 2017 Master in Meteorology EQF level 7
University of Barcelona

2016 – 2017 Master in Meteorology EQF level 6
University of Zaragoza.


Mother tongue Spanish

English: First Certificate in English. Cambridge.
French: Diplôme d’ études en langue française (DELF).

Digital skills
▪ Proficient user of office suite (Microsoft Word, LaTeX, etc.)
▪ Experienced at UNIX/LINUX and Windows.
▪ Knowledge at using spreadsheet software such as Excel, Origin, pro Fit, and Igor Pro.
▪ High level programming skills in C, C++, R and ncl. Basic user skills in Matlab and Pyhton.
▪ Courses in atmospheric sciences:
▫ NOAA tool for lagrangian retro-trajectory analysis HYSPLIT.
▫ ZeFir Igor Pro tool for pollutant and atmospheric aerosol analysis.
▪ Basic user of WRF meteorological investigation and forecasting software.

Driving licence B

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