Eva Junqué Martínez

1632-1681 eva.junque@idaea.csic.es
ORCID: 0000-0002-5338-6600
Research group: Geochemistry and Pollution

I am from Barcelona, where I studied for my Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science at the University of Barcelona and a Master in Clinical Analysis Laboratory at the University of Pompeu Fabra.
In 2013 I collaborated with Dr. Nynke Osinga and her research group, in a State grant supported project at the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre (SRRC) in the Netherlands, where they rehabilitate seals stranded on the Dutch coast.
In 2015 I started my PhD in Biomedicine with Prof. Joan Grimalt, working in the Dept. of Environmental Chemistry of the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA) for the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). The project is based on the assessment of human exposure to persistent pollutants specifically organochlorine compounds, metals and glyphosate with substantial contributions to analytical chemistry and environmental health.
In 2018 I joined the research group led by Prof. Gan Zhang in the State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry (SKLOG) in the Guangzhou Institute of the Geochemistry of Chinese Academy of Science (GIG) for my PhD overseas stage. The research focused on the assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in air samples from China.


European Project

Exploring the Neurological Exposome (NEUROSOME)

Start Date: 01/10/17


European Project

Health and Environment-wide Associations based on Large population Surveys (HEALS)

Start Date: 01/10/13


European Project

Cross Mediterranean Environment and Health Network (CROME-LIFE)

Start Date: 01/07/13

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