Esther Marco Asensio

Esther Marco Asensio

Permanent Technical Staff

ORCID: 0000-0002-9870-3470
Research group: Geochemistry and Pollution

Technical activity focused in support of the research developed in IDAEA.

Person in charge of the instruments for the analysis of volatile organic compounds in IDAEA which includes operation and maintenance.

Strong expertise in sampling air, water, atmospheric deposition, organisms, sediments and soil for analysis of trace organic compounds.

Expertise in the representation of spatially distributed data through the use of ArcGIS and other equivalent programs for map production.

All this expertise has been used in a large number of research tasks. Among them, studies of organochlorine pollutants in humans, study of VOCs in air, water and exhaled breath in swimmers and runners that perform intense exercise.

My technical work has also been useful for the development of several contracts with companies and public organizations.

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