Diana Manjarrés López

Diana Manjarrés López

437903 diana.manjarres@idaea.csic.es
Research group: Environmental and Water Chemistry for Human Health (ONHEALTH)

Environmental Engineer with a master's degree in chemistry and biotechnology. Currently a PhD student in analytical chemistry and environment at the University of Barcelona and IDAEA-CSIC. The research it carries out aims to determine the presence and destination of polar and mobile organic pollutants (PMOCs) in intermittent rivers and groundwater with low and high resolution mass spectrometry.

Master in Chemistry and Biotechnology – University of La Rioja – Spain – 2019.
Studies financed through an AUIP scholarship.
Research project in collaboration with IRNASA-CSIC: Study of the presence of pesticides in surface water, groundwater and soil in vineyard areas, located in Rioja Oriental (D.O Rioja). Analysis of its temporal evolution from the year 2011 to the year 2019.

Master in Environmental Technology – International University of Andalusia – Spain – 2017.
Studies financed by the UNIA through a scholarship.Research project: Analysis of the commitments made by Colombia and Spain regarding the Paris Agreement on climate change. Comparative Perspective.

Specialization in Natural Resources Management – Francisco José de Caldas District University – Colombia – 2016.
Studies financed by the UDFJC through a scholarship as a product of academic excellence presented during the SABER-PRO tests nationwide.
Research project: Evaluation of the impact of the execution of the bazero project and formulation of the comprehensive solid waste program in the Kennedy Town – Bogotá, Colombia.

Environmental Engineering – Francisco José de Caldas District University – Colombia – 2014.
Research project: Formulation of strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of the company Pelikan Colombia S.A.S., through the adaptation of a calculation model.

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