Demetrio Raldúa Pérez

ORCID: 0000-0001-5256-1641
Research group: Environmental Toxicology

Dr. Demetrio Raldúa (h-index=33, 64 publications, 2680 citations) is specialized in several aspects of vertebrate physiology and toxicology. His current research interest is the understanding of the molecular bases of the neurotoxic effects of some environmental pollutants and drugs. By using zebrafish as vertebrate model, he tries to identify the AOPs of neurotoxicants, by linking adverse effects from the molecular-initiating events to behavioural effects. Currently, Dr. Raldúa is coordinating a NATO SPS project (MD.SFPP.984777), on the distal central-peripheral axonopathy induced by neuropathic organophosphorus (OPIDN).

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