Carmín Azucena Chávez Moreno

Carmín Azucena Chávez Moreno

Research group: Water, Environmental and Food Chemistry (ENFOCHEM)

Research lines:
- Development of analytical methods for the determination of emerging contaminants in environmental samples (water and soil) and of other interest.
- Application of advanced oxidation processes (Heterogeneous Photocatalysis) for water treatment.
- Application of pre-treatment (SPE, UAE, MAE), analysis and detection (HPLC, MSFIA, AA, ICP, UV and MS) techniques.

  • Education

Master of Science with Orientation in Environmental Analytical Chemistry. Qualified (2009-2011) by Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, División Posgrado,  UANL, Monterrey, Mex.

Chemical engineering. Qualified (2003-2007) by Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, UANL, Monterrey, Mex.

– Teaching experience:

5 years as a teacher at the high school, undergraduate and graduate levels.

  • Research experience

4 years. Performing literary scientific research, development of experiments, stay of research abroad and exhibition of results in congresses, as well as three scientific publications.

– Occupational experience

4 years. Professional activities in the areas of metrology, quality, safety, health and environmental consulting.

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