Aurelio Tobías Garces

ORCID: 0000-0001-6428-6755
Research group: Environmental Geochemistry and Atmospheric Research (EGAR)

BSc in Statistics (1994), MSc in Statistics (2001) and PhD in Public Health (2004). Tenured Scientist of CSIC since 2009. More than 200 articles in SCI journal, with a broad range of research interests with a common theme of applied statistical and epidemiological methods in environmental health studies. In particular, the application of time-series regression models in public health, also the statistical methods for meta-analysis. His current research interests focus on environmental epidemiology, studying the short-term effects of the main environmental risk factors (air pollution, pollen, noise and temperature) on human health. I am currently collaborating at the European Educational Programme in Epidemiology and teach various short-courses in medical statistics and environmental epidemiology.


European Project

The overall objective of inDust is to establish a network involving research institutions, service providers and potential end users of information on airborne dust that can assist the diverse socio-economic sectors affected by the presence of high concentrations of airborne mineral dust.

Start Date: 01/01/17

MCC Collaborative Research Network

The Multi-City Multi-Country (MCC) network is an international collaboration of research teams working on a program aiming to produce epidemiological evidence on associations between weather and health. Interest on this topic has grown in the last few years among both researchers and the general public, due to recent events of extreme weather and alarming climate change scenarios, both linked with increased health risks.

Start Date: 01/01/14

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