Arancha Bartolomé Rodríguez

Arancha Bartolomé Rodríguez

Research group: Geochemistry and Pollution

Degree in Chemical Sciences from the University of Barcelona (June 2003).
Official Master's Degree in Advanced Chemistry. University of Barcelona (July 2009).

The professional career of Arancha Bartolomé has been developed in the Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry-Organic Contaminants IDAEA-CSIC, mainly developing analytical methodologies for the analysis of organic compounds by Gas Chromatography coupled to Mass Spectrometry in environmental matrices.

The development of the methodologies is part of the implementation of European Directives and Spanish Laws in the field of the state and control of waters (continental, marine, underground and potable) and other environmental matrices.

Another field of application is the study of the behaviour of organic compounds in water treatment lines (WWTP, ETAP, ERA, desalinization), for the improvement and optimization of treatments.

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