Albert Menéndez Pedriza

Albert Menéndez Pedriza

ORCID: 0000-0002-4960-0379
Research group: Chemometrics

Albert Menéndez Pedriza graduated in 2019 in chemistry from the University of Barcelona (Spain) and achieved his MSc (2020) in Analytical Chemistry from the same university. Also, he received a JAE-Intro Grant (funded by the Spanish National Research Council, CSIC) to follow up on my M.Sc. project. Currently he is a PhD student in the Environmental Chemistry department at the IDAEA-CSIC Institute. His research is mainly focus on applying different omic technologies to assess the ecotoxicity of various endocrine disruptors in zebrafish embryos, a recognized toxicological model. Consequently, his PhD is also centred on performing omic, multi-omic and MSI data analysis.

Education and Formation

Sep. 2021-Now: PhD student in Chemometrics group at IDAEA-CSIC Institute
April 2021-Sep.2021: Superior licensed in technical and professional activities in EPA group at IDAEA-CSIC Institute
2019-2020: Master in Analytical Chemistry from University of Barcelona (Spain)
2019-2020: Scholarship for training (JAE Intro) performed in the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
2015-2019: Degree in Chemistry, from University of Barcelona (Spain)


Spanish: As native language
Catalan: As native language
English: Level B2

Main analytical techniques used

LC-MS, GC-MS, MSI tools


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