Albert Menéndez Pedriza

Albert Menéndez Pedriza

Research group: Environmental Pollution & Agriculture (EPA)

Albert Menéndez Pedriza graduated in 2019 in chemistry from the University of Barcelona (Spain). He is currently pursuing his MSc in Analytical Chemistry from the same university. He works in the study of the combined ecotoxicological effects of environmental pollutants and microplastics employing the HepG2 hepatoma cell line as in-vitro model. Omic methodologies (mainly lipidomics) based on mass spectrometry are used to assess such a study.

Education and Formation

2019-2020: Mater in Analytical Chemistry from University of Barcelona (Spain)
2019-2020: Scholarship for training (JAE Intro) performed in the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
2015-2019: Degree in Chemistry, from University of Barcelona (Spain)


Spanish: As native language
Catalan: As native language
English: Level B1

Main analytical techniques used

LC-MS, GC-MS and fluorescence


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